Celebrations – Global Diversity

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With the world seemingly divided in so many ways, friends and designers Margaret Skinner and Ann-Marie Anton wanted to create a vignette that celebrates one of our strengths: our diversity. “It just seems like so much of the world is divided […]

Best of Houzz Design 2016, 2017

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Antiques in the Mix – Detroit Home

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Three designers present two takes on blending the old with the new
Margaret Skinner, principal interior designer at Birmingham-based Margeaux Interiors Inc., is an allied member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), as well as a licensed builder. Margeaux Interiors […]

Earthy Browns

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A trifecta of beauty includes a Wesley Hall social sofa and Palecek Green Oaks wall pendant, both from the RJ Thomas Ltd. showroom at Troy’s Michigan Design Center, and the Due Process Stable Trading Co. Jinan rug from MDC’s […]

What are the benefits of an environmentally friendly/ LEED credited home?

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Here are some of the benefits: Reduces carbons, making air and water cleaner, energy efficient. After initial investments, it will save costs on utilities, add value to one’s home, and there’s currently eligibility for tax credits
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